Listing type: 
Property ownership: 

Listings: Lake Front Property for sale in the Indian springs.

Lake Front Property for sale in the Indian springs.
Address:      543 Clark Springs Livingston , Tx

A2 zoning, great potential for re-zoning located across the road from Canadian Tire, Big Bend Crossing Shopping Centre. House is partially renovated 3 bdrm suite up and 2 bdrm down with long term te

Listing type:      for sale
Price:      $618,800.00
Latitude: 40.38002840251183
Longitude: -111.533203125
Title:      Lake Front Property for sale in the Indian springs.
Address:      543 Clark Springs Livingston , Tx

A2 zoning, great potential for re-zoning located across the road from Canadian Tire, Big Bend Crossing Shopping Centre. House is partially renovated 3 bdrm suite up and 2 bdrm down with long term te

Listing type:      for sale
Price:      $618,800.00
Price type:      negotiable
Style:      Cape Cod
Zoning:      agricultural
School district:     
Bathrooms:      1
Bedrooms:      5
Area:      2200.0 sqft.
Agent:      Lee, Tim (Chien Hsien)
Listing status:      active
Property ownership:      Apartment
Lot size:     
Provider class:      agent
Built year:      1900
Expiration date:      2027-12-31
Property taxes:      0.00


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